PKF Uruguay

Auditors and business advisers

Corporate and legal services

Corporate and legal services

At PKF Uruguay we have a specialized legal department to attend any corporate needs.

Our Professional Services:

  • Constitution of commercial partnerships and trusts
  • Statutory reforms
  • Partnership transformation
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Trading of commercial establishments and shares
  • Establishing of foreign company branches
  • Advice on the working of social bodies
  • Advice on complex financial operations such as trusts, leasings, securitization of assets and emission of negotiable obligations
  • Advice in manners of their own commercial business of the company
    Drafting of contracts of diverse nature: trading of estate, vehicles and shares; lease and loan contracts; warranty contracts (garments, mortgages, bail, etc.) and leasing; cession of rights (hereditary and possessions) and credit contracts
  • Donations, wills, powers and mandates
  • Communication of patrimonial participations and final beneficiaries to the Central Bank of Uruguay (Laws 18.930 and 19.484)
  • Assistance with the fulfilment of diverse formal aspect of Trusts provided on Laws 16.060 and 17.703 and their corresponding regulation

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