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A degree in accounting is a springboard for success in life - its fundamental skills, discipline and integrity open up doors in an almost unimaginable variety of activities - in business, public service, and professional advisory services.

Through the PKF member firms you can develop your skills and provide value to our clients around the world (including travel around the world), and branch out into an almost unlimited variety of specialties. As well as our core functions of providing accounting, audit and tax service to owner-managed business, public service organizations and multi-national organizations, we have specialists experienced in : forensic accounting, corporate finance, outsourcing, information technology, corporate restructuring, business valuation, and management consultancy of all types - to name a few areas.

At PKF your talent can allow you to be a "big fish" in a small pond. You can make a difference early, which is clearly visible to you and those around you. You will have the opportunity to relate at a level of mutual respect with the owners and our clients’ key decision-makers. Your services will not be so expensive that clients are afraid to talk to you. And you will have the opportunity to make your own mark, and carve your own place in the world. You will be truly valued for the unique skills and services that you provide, and you will earn much more than money - the respect of your associates and clients, as you make the world a better place.




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