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Goal and Mission

Goal, Mission and Values

Our Goal:

To be a professional services company recognized as the best to meet its clients’ needs through a wide range of services. To enable the firm to remunerate its partners and staff at the highest level by developing their potential within a very good working environment.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to offer reliable and high quality services to our clients, designing and implementing solutions to meet their requirements.
Our commitment and personal attention help our clients to obtain good value and a competitive edge for their business.


Our Values:

Adding Value.At PKF URUGUAY our philosophy is to provide added value to our clients. We work together as a team to help them take the correct decisions, recognizing that our people are the the most valuable asset to our business.

Building relationships. Through the relationships we build, we help clients as their business grows. We verify the financial results and help them protect the value they have created.

Philosophy. The development of our human resources is vital to enable us to offer a high quality, professional service, the route to achieving our objective: "To improve our clients business".

Sharing our vision. In order to assure that we maintain our professional excellence, we share the same vision with our people and clients. As a result, we have a team of dynamic, creative and responsible professionals with a single goal in common: to inspire confidence to our clients and professionals, as well as to promote their success.

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